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Shown below is the water product(s) promoted by the indicated Manufacturer. The table displays the claims made by the Manufacturer as to the quality of the water product and whether such claims are substantiated by an independent laboratory analysis. The laboratory test report, if shown below, has been provided to Aqua Veritas LLC by the Manufacturer in support of its product claims.

Laboratory Report(s)

Lab Report Submitted? Water Filtration Capacity Bacteria Virus Cyst (Giardia/Cryptosporidium)
Product Name, Description (Model No.) and Registration No.  
Puravai LLC
Emergency Drinking Water
PVI-2017 0417-001
Lab Report Submitted - Yes 100% Bacteria Free      
Laboratory Report(s) Certified Bacteria Free

1. The Company name, brand logo and other “Marks” of the Manufacturer, as shown on this page, are the sole property of the Manufacturer and in many cases are registered trademarks.
2. Aqua Veritas LLC has compiled the information above from sources it has deemed reliable such as, the manufacturer’s website, product information and as provided directly by the manufacturer. Errors in data may be present. Aqua Veritas LLC disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy or validity of any laboratory report displayed on this page. Aqua Veritas LLC has reviewed all lab reports only for the following information: (i) Laboratory is an Independent, certified EPA laboratory (ii) End of Life Testing was completed following the indicated End of Life testing protocol as described on this website.