EPA Standards

EPA Standards for Personal Water Filters do exist for Microbiological Water Purifier devices such as filtered water bottles and home water filtration systems, however, they do not enforce them. This means water manufacturers get a free pass to say their water filter systems do whatever they wish them to do. Not a good situation for the consumer who is making a purchase in good faith to obtain clean, safe drinking water for outdoor adventures, travel abroad and everyday use.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers either set their own standards and do their own testing – or even bypass the whole testing process altogether. If the personal water filter you own claims to filter an exorbitant amount of water, remember this: in order to know this, they would have had to test that many gallons of water.

What Are the Set EPA Standards for Personal Water Filters? 

For Microbiological Water Purifier devices to be effective and keep your family safe and healthy they must meet or exceed established EPA Water Quality Standards for the removal of:

99.9999% of Bacteria
99.99% of Virus
99.9% Cryptosporidium / Giardia

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EPA has set standards for Microbiological Water Filters

“EPA” stands for the United States Environmental Protection Agency