Manufacturer Submissions

Please join your colleagues in the water filtration industry to provide the public with credible “End of Life” test lab reports to substantiate the effectiveness of your microbiological water purifiers. Our goal is to display End of Life Test Submissions for Micro Water Purifier Manufacturers on the market today.

End of Life Test Submissions for Micro Water Purifier Manufacturers

A separate page will be provided for each Microbiological Water Purifier Manufacturer which will list the known products distributed by each manufacturer. Please review your page and send us any additional or corrected information on each product. Submit a laboratory test report PDF verifying “End of Life” testing on each product. We will upload your information upon receipt.
As the manufacturer, you are responsible to provide the public with an accurate listing of all of your products. The research we have documented to date may not reflect all of your current products or product specifications. Click on the PDF Icon below titled “Manufacturer Product Data,” to download the Product Information Sheet to complete information on your products to be posted on the Aqua Veritas site.


Manufacturer Product Data Submittal


Submission Requirements

To submit the independent laboratory report verifying the “End of Life” testing on one or more of your products, follow the submission requirements below. For the lab report to be published it must meet the following testing protocol criteria:

  1. All testing must be performed by a qualified, independent EPA registered water laboratory.
  2. The influent water must be challenged at a minimum of every 25 gallons containing a full volume of all microorganisms being claimed to be removed or killed.
  3. The volume of microorganisms passed through the filter must be sufficient to meet the following EPA Log Reduction Standards. Refer to page 8 of the EPA Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers.
    • Bacteria 99.9999%
    • Virus 99.99%
    • Cryptosporidium/Giarida  99.9%
  4. Submit a PDF of the lab report for each product.
  5. Email all information to our staff at

Your information will be posted within 1 week of receipt. If you do not view your information in a timely manner, please send a follow up email to verify that we have received your information.