Aqua Veritas Product Registration

There is no cost for a manufacturer of a water filtration product to have information pertaining to their products listed. All manufacturers are welcome to list as many of their water filtration products on the site as they wish. To receive the End of Life quality seal, the requirement is a laboratory testing’s information provided on their products must meet the testing protocol as explained on the Aqua Veritas site. The test must, at a minimum, challenge the filter to its “End of Life”.

Aqua Veritas LLC is not a certifying entity for water filtration products. There are non-regulatory, independent organizations which exist such as NSF, WQA, IAPMO which offer product testing certification. These organizations will certify a filter to certain criteria, as long as the manufacturer pays their fees, which usually are quite high, in order to obtain the certification. If any manufacturer has received certifications from these entities or any other independent certified laboratory, and the tests reflect challenging the filter at least every 25 gallons with the prescribed contaminants until the filter fails to meet the EPA removal standards for micro-organisms, those tests will acceptable as meeting the End of Life Testing criteria.