Aqua Veritas supports End of Life Testing

Our mission is to make information available to the public regarding the realistic effectiveness of Microbiological Water Purifiers. This is a big word referring to items you use everyday, such as personal filtered water bottles, filter straws and small water filter products, produced by various manufacturers. We have developed a new standard to prove the effectiveness of your water filters called “End of Life” testing.

Are Water Filter Manufacturers Making False Claims ?

Research revealed that many manufacturers of personal water filter products, in this category, were making claims regarding how many gallons/liters their products were capable of effectively filtering. These claims were not based on any solid, independent lab testing. Hence, a  group of concerned professionals in the water filter and emergency preparedness industries established Aqua Veritas LLC – a resource to provide the public with (i) a list of water filtration product manufacturers (ii) the filtration claims they make for each product, and (iii) whether or not they have independent (“End of Life”) testing on those products.

The Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) has established a set of standards pertaining to Microbiological Water Purifiers regarding the removal of certain micro organisms. Unfortunately, these standards are not enforced and some manufacturers have taken advantage of this wide open loop hole.

For Microbiological Water Purifier devices to be effective and keep your family safe and healthy they must meet or exceed established EPA Water Quality Standards for the removal of:

99.9999% Bacteria
99.99% Virus
99.9% Cryptosporidium / Giardia

In reviewing different packaging, advertisements, websites, claims and test reports from various manufacturers the following instances were revealed:

  • The product was often not tested by a qualified independent water laboratory.
  • The company had done their own ‘in-house’ testing; setting their own standards.
  • The claims were completely false.
  • If the product had been tested by an independent water laboratory, in many cases it was only challenged one time with contaminants; and perhaps with a low quantity of contaminants. The manufacturer then projected how many gallons/liters the device would filter based upon their own criteria.
  • There was no actual testing to substantiate the total number of gallons effectively filtered.

In order for a claim to be made about a filter effectively working for a certain number of gallons, that amount of water must be contaminated with the required amount of contaminants at regular intervals as the lab test water is being drawn through the filter. At each interval, samples are taken and analyzed. This process of continually contaminating the lab water, at the prescribed intervals, continues until the water samples taken fail to meet the EPA requirement for removal of the micro-organisms. This is a long, arduous and costly process.

End of Life Testing – The New Standard

Aqua Veritas has set a new standard to substantiate the claims being made by manufacturers of Microbiological Water Purifier devices. “End of Life” testing sets the new standard for personal water filter claims. 

Two basic criteria apply in End of Life Testing:

  1. The tests must be performed by QUALIFIED INDEPENDENT WATER LABORATORIES. This means a manufacturer cannot perform its own in-house testing.
  2. The lab testing for all Microbiological Water Purifier devices or personal water purification devices include the following tests:

a. The water filter product must be challenged at least every 25 gallons with all the contaminants the product is said to remove for up to the total gallons/liters being claimed.

For example: If the manufacturer claims the water filter will effectively filter up to 300 gallons, the filter must be challenged every 25 gallons, being re-spiked with the contaminants every 25 gallons and pass the log reduction requirements for up to 300 gallons.

b. The volume of contaminants must be in accordance with the EPA standards for the various micro-organisms being tested.

For example: Various micro-organisms require more of a “log reduction” than others in order to be safe for human consumption.

c. This “End of Useful Life” or “End of Life” should approximate the true capacity of a personal water filtration product.

d. When the water filter device ceases to meet the EPA log reduction standards for the stated contaminants, it is at it’s “End of Life” and no longer safe to use.

There is no fee or cost for a manufacturer to provide their lab tests results to be posted on the Aqua Veritas website. Manufacturers tests, however, must at a minimum, meet the above criteria to have the laboratory tests posted. .

We invite all manufacturers to join us in providing the public with information to make good choices in choosing personal water filtration products. Click here to submit your information and display the Aqua Veritas Registration Symbol on your website in conjunction with each of your products which have been tested to determine its “End of Life”.