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Aqua Veritas™ Mission and Organization

The mission of Aqua Veritas™ is to make information available to the public regarding the realistic and actual effectiveness of Microbiological Water Purifiers. The intent of the organization is to provide a platform where full disclosure of water filtration product testing information is available for review by concerned consumers, retail buyers and government agency professionals.
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The EPA does not enforce the water quality standards established for Microbiological Water Purifiers, such as personal filtered water bottles and small water filter devices. Aqua Veritas is a platform for manufacturers to back up their claims on these types of personal water purification products – so you can verify the quality and effectiveness of your personal water filter.

EPA Standards

For Microbiological Water Purifiers, such as personal water filter bottles and small water filter devices to be effective, keeping your family safe and healthy, they must meet or exceed established EPA Water Quality Standards for the removal of

  • 99.9999%  Bacteria
  • 99.99%  Virus
  • 99.9% Cryptosporidium/Giardia

End of Life Test

“End of Life” testing or “End of Useful Life” testing simply means the filter has been challenged at least every 25 gallons, each time adding a new mass of all the contaminants the water filter manufacturer claims the water filter will remove. This process is repeated at least every 25 gallons until the water filter fails to meet the EPA Water Quality Standards – hence “End of Life”.

Find Your Filter

All manufacturers of Microbiological Water Purifiers, such as personal filtered water bottles or small water filter products, are invited to provide their lab test results to be posted on the Aqua Veritas website free of charge. Tests must comply with certain criteria to qualify for publication. Click here to find and review your personal water filter test results.

Does Your Water Filter Stand Up to Its Claims?

Since the EPA does not enforce standards for Personal Water Purifiers, Aqua Veritas gives every water filter manufacturer the opportunity to provide scientific proof that their claims match their product’s effectiveness.